We are not a Clan or an actual Community that has members, just a group of people who knows each other for a long period of time that share the goal of providing a care-free CS:GO experience.

We expect you to follow our simple rules of No Cheating, No Spam in general and No Direct Disrespect towards other players. Ask a mod/admin if you're unsure if you can do something.

We recruit mods/admins from time to time to keep the servers cheat and spam free. Join our discord for more information

We currently only host only one server, but with interest, we can expand.

Feel free to use our teamspeak: teamspeak.fhgaming.net or our Discord for your voice chat needs.

You are not required to donate, however it helps keep the server up.

If you donate more than $XXX using the donate button bellow, you will be contacted by email so we can set you up with 1 month of Reserved Slot access on our servers.

If you would like to speed up the process, simply add the Owner and warn him ahead of time as we do not expect to have a high volume of donations